Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XV

did i skipped a week? oh yeah... ^_^ and when i'm supposed to have my final exam on tues, now i'm posting. hahaha!

i must've tortured you with my looong post on american idol didn't i? i hope you can hear the songs i'm referring to, they are just wonderful. it was sad to see melissa (AI) go, but someone had to. i just hope kellie won't get eliminated before chicken little gets eliminated. this reminds me, i don't know if sandy reads this blog, but i've talked to her and she watches american idol too.

i've moved on to module 2 level 1 in my spanish class, i'm really enjoying it. my teacher's a blast! love lola! lola's short for dolores in spain, as she shares with us... which brings us to the dolores on my favorite list... (hahaha segue)
  1. sister act - dolores is whoopi goldberg's character's name. i love it when the sisters sing ^_^ i downloaded the songs from the soundtrack and keep on repeating them. salve regina, my guy (my god), and i will follow him.
  2. century tuna spanish style - i talked about this with verle hahaha i love love love it, i eat it whenever i'm alone eating, which is a lot!
  3. kalabasa with gata - mmm mmm mmm
  4. dra. minerva calimag - if someone asked me who's my favorite pharma doctor-professor, you know the answer. (sip-sip)
  5. my no bullshit reviewer - i seem to have tapped into the minds of my teachers, what i usually write down as the most probable questions do appear on the exam, well that's being a veteran brings about hahahaha!


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