Thursday, March 16, 2006

Barbra Week on AI - - a fantasy

here's babs during the agassi fundraising event last year around christmas. this is a 63 year old woman! vavavoom ^_^ (oh, btw, he and andre agassi were once... hehehe).

anyway, i always fantasize there would be a barbra week on american idol. i doubt she'll ever do it. well but i think if she does, she'll be a really good teacher to them, and her experience as a director will also help them on their stage performance. of course they should start practicing up hahahaha! if i were to select a song for the top 12, it would be the following :

  • elliot - my favorite guy so far. he has great control, and as i observe, he hasn't even given 100% of his full vocal potential. my song selection for him, The Music that Makes Me Dance. this song is from Funny Girl originally, but bab's only recorded it for his A Love Like Ours album. i think the lyrics can easily be changed to a male version. i think this will really showcase elliot's talents. go soar elliot!
  • chris - great performer. i like the quality of his voice. he's second guy on my list and i choose The Woman in the Moon. the lyrics can easily be modified so it will work. this is one of bab's rock songs from A Star is Born. this will really bring the house down! woohoo!
  • taylor - his third on my list. he has a great great voice but i don't like his imitating the genius ray charles. i think he can't avoid doing it anymore because he's been used to doing it hehehe. if he wins, he can't act like that! i choose Sweet Inspiration/Where You Lead. this is a bluesy type of song and it will rock with his interpretation.
  • ace - this guy can sing, but i think he was selected because he could be a model hehehe. if he looked like shit he wouldn't be considered im sure. now... now... i'm turning into simon hehehe my song for him. well... i'm not sure why i'm giving him one of my most favorite barbra songs but i think it is the best suited for his voice and vocal technique... Evergreen. composed by barbra herself. i'm sure he won't kill it but i do hope he brings justice to it. hell... i'll sing it let's see who's better hahaha!
  • bucky - with a country southern voice. hmm... nice attitude. i hope he doesn't get eliminated before kevin does hahahaha! for you the new Stranger in a Strange Land with modified lyrics will be a great showcase for his voice.
  • kevin - kevin... kevin... acceptable voice. i'm sure he's a nice kid, but i don't like the attitude. riding on the teasing for a while is good but don't push it kid. calling yourself a sex-symbol when you look like chicken little will do you no good hehehe! it's bye bye time soon for you! but i give you a great song: Somewhere. i think he can pull this off with the right arrangement. it will be great... a difficult song that will make him... or break him
  • katherine - my favorite girl. looks and talent smashed all together. beautiful... just beautiful... and! she sang a barbra song two weeks in a row! her mom's influence i presume. for her the beautiful Ordinary Miracles. i don't have any doubt she'd be able to do it.
  • mandissa - great great great talent. if this girl can start loosing weight, for her own sake please... i'm sure she'll be a great star. i hope she follow patti austin's example. for her is one of my favorite songs With One More Look at You from A Star is Born. this song is bursting with emotion, it'll showcase her soaring voice.
  • paris - great performer, wonderful voice. i always look forward to hearing how she'll sing the song, no hesitations whatsoever when performing. for her Lover Come Back to Me will be p-e-r-f-e-c-t.
  • kellie - this is a real nice girl hehehe quite naive, but she can sing. i hope she stays long enough so someone will get her to make an album on her own, but i really don't think she's the next american idol... well that depends on america. for her, i pick Stoney End. a great song to perform and won't be too hard hahaha!
  • melissa - i think she still hasn't realized she's on american idol. hmm... you have to snap out of it! i think she just needs to be taught more because her voice has potential but is not yet baked enough in the oven. but i give her one of bab's signature song Happy Days are Here Again.
  • lisa - nice voice but what i don't like is her attitude. i don't know why... she seems like a nice girl but i feel she's a little plastic. i hope i'm wrong though... don't know why but i just don't like her reactions on comments by the judges whether it be good or bad. it's just like, get it over with i really don't care what you say to me... anyway... for her another signature song: The Way We Were. this is a song for her type of voice and vocal technique

just to end i'd just like to say a few things about the judges... paula, OMG, paula is like on drugs or drunk everytime, her comments are dreamy... her eyes are dreamy... well... i hope she just doesn't throw her clothes off during the live show. randy, well you go dawg! hahaha! i like him. but of course the one i like best among the judges is simon. he's non-patronizing, non-apologetic, and very direct. and although sometimes he crosses the line to being really rude, reality checks for the contestants are always good.

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