Saturday, June 12, 2004

wake up call

i admit i have been always trusting, sometimes to fault. i cannot say i don’t deserve to be disappointed, because as a matter of fact, i feel i do. i trusted too much. in fact again, may i correct myself with… i really just ‘trust’ too much, even until now.

hmmm… people i guess (even those who are genuinely good) sometimes subconsciously take advantage of others. they may not know it, god bless them, but they do. they do. i felt taken advantage of actually (please depart from the ishtar thoughts), and what i can’t understand is why i always try to justify what others are doing to me! imagine feeling deceived and then letting yourself still be exploited. what am i doing?

i hope i can resolve this. i must just try, for i know i can be unpleasant… really… and some people just don’t know it by hearsay, they’ve experienced it. it is sad that sometimes i have to resort to those kinds of things but sometimes it is called by the situation.


the high priestess said...

anong nangyari sa yo?

Robert said...

It is part of your good nature to be trusting, for not too many people would have confidence in you as well if you didn't trust them in the first place. "Trust if you want to be trusted", as the famous dictum says, yet you are also right because you did too much of a good thing. Perhaps it is only a lesson for you so that you may be more circumspect in handing out your precious trust. Do not let such ill events destroy your inherent trusting character for it will bring you more good than you will ever know. Natural justice will take its rightful course and punish those who take advantage of the trust of others. I'm sure that you will get over this unfortunate episode in your life. Just keep on trusting, but with a more prudent eye this time around, so you can get on with your life.