Sunday, June 06, 2004

to make a looong story short, we drove for 2 days to all the way to florida (we came from New Jersey of course) and stayed there for a good week (I think??). the most satisfying experience for me though was finally seeing the Smithsonian Institution! It�s a scientist�s fantasy of course. And the National Museum of Natural History (Part of the Smithsonian which is actually a collection of buildings along The Mall) is probably a biologist�s mecca! All my enjoyment ended of course upon our return to good damned �ol Islas Felipinas. My paternal grandma died (which prompted my mom to go home earlier than us), and worse, I have to start medschool hehehehe. Actually at that time I did not really feel that way, it is just now reminiscing that I realize that I should have forseen the suffering I was about the face. (The dark side of the force must have been clouding my senses) On my next blog I�ll talk about medschool�s first quarter. May all of my readers be blessed by the godess with everlasting fertility.
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