Saturday, August 01, 2009

RIP Tita Cory

Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino
1933 - 2009

May you find eternal peace in the high heavens Mrs. Aquino. My deepest sympathies to her remaining family.

Addendum (August 3, 2009):
I decided to add her so I'll not pull the post with her picture down. I just thought Mrs. Aquino is so like Mama Mary. Had she not given her "yes" salvation at that time would have been doubtful at best. She has made a big sacrifice for people who are not even her kin. I don't know what Ninoy made her promise before he left for the Philippines but those must have been powerful words. Powerful enough to make her leave the kitchen and go to MalacaƱan. That must have taken all the courage in the world. I admire you our Tita Cory. I wish I'll have your courage and principle to uphold what is right and moral.

Earlier when Bishop Soc Villegas told a story of a meeting between Sister Lucia (one of the Fatima Children) and Cardinal Sin. She told him that she wanted him to give a rosary she has made herself to her and that she is a God's gift to her people. Cardinal Sin said "...but she is suffering." Sister Lucia answered "Like all God's gifts, she will suffer..." Bishop Soc said he thought that during her presidency he already saw the suffering but only realized that Sister Lucia seemingly foretold of events later in her life. I cried then. God's intention is really beyond man's reason I suppose if those He loves most must suffer the most. If then... Whatever I must suffer Lord. I embrace.

You rest in peace Mrs. Aquino. We can take care of ourselves.

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