Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Old Friend

Welcome my old friend!
I thought we've left each other for good.
I embrace you now with no animosity.
I welcome you with no malice.
Fill every muscle, joint and bone as you now do...
Fill me and consume me...
for you bury deeper pain still
that no amount of your physical prowess can supersede.
Hurt in thought of what reason may force me to accomplish.
But must I, when your presence makes me want to seek consolation?
When you should be my enemy and not my redeemer.
A reminder of the limits of my humanity?
You make me strong, I agree.
But what will make me stronger still?
A tender visit from you every now and then?
Or a perpetual presence of an angel of comfort?
Who can crush you like clay against a mallet.
Hearken, seed of agony
Your arrival is most appreciated!
It is timely and imperative
A reminder of presences
I must choose to keep or discard
To inflame or to douse
To sow or the hack
Welcome! I embrace you!

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