Monday, September 01, 2008

Just Some Stuff

I was really REALLY ANGRY about an hour ago. This son of a bitch jeepney driver waited for 10 minutes on one side of Muñoz and 15 minutes on the other side!? WTF! I mean could he be anymore money-hungry!? Project 8 to Pantranco could be taken 15 mintues driving and 30 minutes on a "non-masuwapang" jeep. This jeep took me 1 hour 10 mintues. Talk about injustice. I just hope I don't see this man in my E.R. ... then we'll see...

My mom told me Mar Roxas is running next presidential elections... hmmm... I have already decided to vote for Bayani Fernando if he runs but this news is making me think now if Mr. Roxas is more suited. Bayani is really a good choice but he has a bit of the "crazy" gene in him. I totally get him don't get me wrong but it may be the "crazy" gene in me too. hehehe.


Buji, M.D. said...

what amazes me the most is how indifferent these jeepney drivers are. not only to their "clients", but also to the other motorists. They are like polyps, rectal at that. obstructing, occupying an otherwise free flowing throughfare.
lesson learned: WALK... it's good for the heart. ;)

Isn't crazy good? ;)

Lord Zagato said...

hahaha! only crazy people will say that hahaha! welcome aboard! nyahaha!