Wednesday, September 03, 2008

E.R. Surgery : My First Duty

It was fun I must say. I really have been "benign" (most of the time) and am I glad. Our new groupmate, and my duty mate Marga's a blast! I heard an unstable gunshot wound was already called in to come in any minute around dinner time but the patient didn't arrive so we presumed he died en route. Me and Marga sewed up a man who got hacked by a broken bottle multiple times, I helped up our resident repair a man who got hit by a hollowblock on his head. I called my resident to do this because his head was a mess and there were so many spouting arteries I just couldn't take my heart to give this patient an underqualified "surgeon" (hehehe). We also had three burn patients. They were victims of their leaky LPG stove. It's funny... with one look I could tell who's "nagiinarte" lang with their injuries... the real serious ones are the ones that don't make a fuss... We had several people who had no visible injuries who are just moaning and trashing around... I felt hitting them for real so they'd know hehehe hate them attention seeking stupid people who takes away our time to rest and attend to people who really need us.

I wasn't able to sleep but i'll live. Well, we slept through the audit hahaha our entire row was asleep. I'm sure the resident on the grill was happy we did not witness his downfall.

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