Friday, May 27, 2005

the force is with me - - episode 1

here are some observations and details from readings about the star wars series.

i read somewhere that anakin was immaculately concieved (hehehe). watching episode 1 again yesterday, i heard anakin's mother talking that there was no father and how qui gon related to the jedi council that indeed the boy might have been conceived by the medicholreans well...

when the emperor touched the burnt anakin on the forehead he calmed down (ROTS) there were people saying that this was an act of compassion from the evil emperor but i don't think so... relating to obi-wan's touching luke (ANH) and qui gon touching jar-hjar (PM) i would think of it as the emperor using the force to ease anakin's pain

and i must express my remorse over what happened in revenge of the sith. it is really sad to see anakin succumb. he asked for master yoda's advice, and he did not listen. i do not know if master yoda did know what will come about. but had anakin followed his advice and not seek the cure for padme, he would have not himself choked her:-(

>>more to come

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