Saturday, May 14, 2005

erratum + auntie lita

i was reading my last post and oh my dear God! it was awful! i really apologize for my grrrrrramatical garbage hehehe i often check everything before i publish it but the heat must've taken over me... but no excuse... i'll try better next time

btw... i already corrected them hehehe

we came back from a handaan in my auntie lita's house. of course it was good food (as always) and tsimisan among the mommies group. we were joined by our neighbor tita lita (yep...) because she wanted to see my auntie lita's newly done attic because she is planning on having her roof repaired and my mom suggested she take this opportunity to expand her space.

i am thinking myself of having our own attic since our roof was designed for it actually. i've been inside and there might be like 10 feet high space inside our ceiling because of the soaring roof lines my ninong designed. all we have to do is to modify a little bit, add dormers, insulation and furniture and i have more book space hehehe ^_^ well... magiipon na lang ako for my OWN space (nyak)


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