Saturday, May 01, 2010


I can't believe it. I always thought that when Hollywood stars say "Oh.. It's such an honor to be nominated" ... yeah right... bullshit. But I think I just felt exactly that way LOL. I got an email from COSMO Magazine Philippines asking permission to use some photos I took in the Church of the Holy Sacrifice (UP Chapel) for their June issue. Actually I wasn't going to talk about it until it pushed through but then again I think it didn't just happen on the other end. They didn't contact me again after a few correspondence. Maybe they decided to can the article that my photos would appear in. ANYWAY... It's a great feeling... this... to be just asked. wHOOoooAAhhh LOL They didn't even have to pay me hahaha

I looked back on my posts during Ondoy time. I think I didn't mention, A Canadian News Agency asked permission to use my photos on their site for their Ondoy news and (whoa) Kristina Ponce-Enrile's office asked permission to use some of my Ondoy photos for a video for a US based Ondoy Benefit Concert. Life is suuuweeeet! ^_^ It's so heartwarming when people recognize the work you actually love doing.

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