Monday, January 04, 2010

My New Year's Top Five - XXIII

Wow. I skipped a whole year doing this. Hahaha ^_^ This was fun! Not in any order :
  1. Photography - I took this more seriously last year. With the gift of Lumix from the heavens above ^_^
  2. Cheesecake ! - my guilty pleasure oh lala... I want to try making one this year!
  3. Facebook and FB Games - this is both boon and bane of my year. I embrace your presence in my life FB and Pet Society!
  4. Mom - I spent a lotta time with my Mom this year. I loved her and hated her LOL... But I conclude... I love her more still ^_^
  5. THP - occupied my mind more than I've admitted or will admit (toink) LOL but what can I do? And still yet bewitched, bothered, and bewildered...

1 comment:

the high priestess said...

good thing there's no THP in the exam. had it been in the choices, you are going to be in trouble. haha. your brain needs more space for all those infos. it will greatly add up to the space if you will squeeze THP out for a while. that won't hurt, right? you can do it. or should i say what mama mary said, just do it! hehe.