Saturday, February 14, 2009

Movies I've Watched Lately

To prove that pedia rotation at the Philippine Childrens Medical Center is benign, I'm sharing the movies that I have seen this past weeks (2 weeks to be exact) :-)

Some of my friends didn't like the movie. It is a typical british movie with a lot of talking. I liked it though, I liked the plot, and the guy who played Lenny's son was a good actor.

What can I say?! Edward Norton. Amazing acting. Collin Farrel? He was great here too. I loved the story of police corruption in the United States.

Josh Brolin as Mr. W. Bush was really amazing. This movie is really funny. I can't help thinking... are these things true?! My God!

Meryl Streep. Mery Streep. Nothing more need to be said.

Contrary to the opinions of the Americans. I didn't like this movie. I don't need to see more slums than what I see around me.

Mr. Pitt deserved his nominations for this role. He was great!
The best movie I watched these past weeks. KATE WINSLET IS AMAZING!

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Rob said...

I have to agree with your opinion on Doubt (since it's the only movie on your list that I've seen lol). It's really a great movie. I hope Meryl Streep wins another Oscar for her potrayal of that nun. Great movie indeed.