Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Plog (No. 13)

My Mecca ^_^
Krispy Kreme, Trinoma

McCafe, Matalino Street
Behind The Philippine Heart Center


Blood Donation Area
East Avenue Medical Center

April and NiƱa with Doc Louie aka 'Grimace'

The Anesthetic Side of Things
During Anesthesia Rotation

Incarcerated Hernia
This man ignored his hernia for 3 years; came to us
his small intestines already gangrenous; we resected
5 feet from the ileum including the ileo-cecal junction
then performed ileo-ascending colon anastomosis.
This was the first time I saw an incarcerated hernia
with an unsavable bowel.

Cardiac Monitor

East Avenue Operating Rooms

'Trauma' Team

The metal supports this man had, had to be removed

Nice eh

Our GLORIOUS cautery machine

The Laryngoscope
An anesthesiologist's weapon

My Workstation at the Residents' Graduation
I was to operate the Projector Screen

Lamps from the Residents' Graduation

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