Friday, November 07, 2008

Plog No. 11

Neonate born via normal spontaneous delivery with this tumor attached on his sacrum.
TA Aneurysm
This is the ascending aorta. From anesthesia point of view (upside-down).
Marge @ Gumbo
Heart Center
View from the OR lounge
OR Lounge Phil Heart Center
Sandy taking a nap at the PHC OR lounge
View from PHC OR lounge
Heart-Lung Machine
Operated by perfusionists who are specially trained medical technologists
Me at the OR lounge
PHC Super CATS seminar
Lung Center Dietary
The first ever test tube I inserted
Department of Surgery & Anesthesia Office
Lung Center of the Philippines
Friendly Reminder
Scrub Room
The O.R. Complex
Lung Center
Fluoroscopy Machine
3rd Floor Corridor Roof
3rd Floor Corridor Floor
Walter Mart @ Muñoz
Previously PLDT Complex
Infinite Corridor
Where the RR room opens. Scary @ Night
Elevator Ceiling at LCP
LCP Dietary
The... Recovery Room (Boo!)
Spirit Questors Disneyland
LCP Christmas Tree
Kidney Center LCD Monitor for Laparoscopic Procedures
La Naval Procession 2008
Locker Room PCMC
OR Schedule Board on my Birthday
Heart Center CT Scan
Radio Interns

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