Sunday, April 15, 2007

Judgement Day

tomorrow, i start medical clerkship. the best... or the worst part of my medical education. i intend to of course enjoy and learn during this one year in the hospital as the lowest form of animal. yesterday, we had our general orientation during the morning and our medicine (our first rotation) orientation in the afternoon. we were given a surprise quiz during our medicine orientation and people who failed will be given seven days worth of demerit. of course... i failed hahaha, i didn't even have to check, the quiz was enumeration-identification. well you win some, you lose some. i just hope they don't follow-up on their threats, hahahaha!

today, we recieved our endorsements from the outgoing clerks. i consider myself lucky getting only one patient. i just have to finish a lot of pending things and paperwork though.

i pray that tomorrow will be a happy day for all the incoming clerks


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