Monday, March 26, 2007

The Gangplank

(march 26) i feel i'm about to jump over into the sea. clerkship is two weeks away. i just finished my 'supposedly' last exam today, the comprehensive exam and i was really surprised it was easier than how i imagined it to be. i said 'supposedly' because i'm not sure yet if i'm bound to take the remedials in neurology or pediatrics sigh... and i hope i get the plus from the compre exam.

i admit there have been when i've been lax on reviewing, moments of weakness... well more of weaknesesssseses hehehe. (...continued march 30) it's been four days. i passed neurology and pediatrics. i thank our lady of the most holy rosary la naval de manila for her intercession. and! and! i got a plus one in the comprehensive exam (a first).

it's sad that we may all not be able to go through clerkship together. lest, i shouldn't remove my focus on the task ahead, and that is... to pass the revalida and graduate. i've been convincing myself i'd be better in the clinics than when we were doing the academic part of medschool.

its been a year full hapiness, in my opnion, i've had the best group to spend it with: miong, kaye, verle, steff, ryan benedict, ron, aubrey, buboy, sandy, kim, jc, ryan edward, mina, and lester. well not all of us are true irreg-regs but we certainly do have fun.

i pray that the holy spirit guide as and open our hearts to the patients we are going to take care of. and i pray that God open our teachers' heart, the interns, residents, consultants, so that they may teach us how to be real and compassionate physicians.

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