Wednesday, October 05, 2005


in light of my brother's query and to prove my point, i researched it on the net and indeed! i am right "Blog" a combination of two words "Web Log" is pronounced rhyming with "Dog" or "Blob." Common mistakes reading it "Bee-Log" (totally absurd) and now as my brother says to me "Blag." Is that an attempt to have a slang!? just totally wrong...

new terms related to blogging :
blogger - people who blog
blogosphere/blogdom/blogworld - realm of blogging
vlog - video blog
phlog - photo blog
blogorrhea - tendency to fill blog with too much trivial information (like what is happening now, pfft)
blogroll - part of blog showing links to other blogs

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the high priestess said...

thanks for the info. now i'm going to change my blog linkstitle to blogroll hehe