Wednesday, June 22, 2005

faithful in sin

me and my mom went to the basilica of the immaculate conception or the manila cathedral. once again, i basked in its peaceful beauty, and at its transept, layed the body of the cardinal. i saw in his face that he suffered a lot from his disease. i hope he has joined our father john paul ii and i believe that he will pray for our country, so that the peace he worked for may continue to reign.

i went to quiapo afterwards, navigating the narrow passages left by the epidemic of vendors and went up the escalator of a building which now serves as the nbi clearance center. i must admit, having experienced more worse procedures in this country, the quiapo experience relatively ran smooth. my nbi clearance however was not yet released, being a new applicant, i have to wait for it to be encoded... (sigh) well... the good things ended there. anyway, i applaud the efforts of the bureau to make their system more efficient. the payment for all kinds of clearances foreign or local was the same... good. the more expensive one is only for those who need it for naturalization blah blah, i believe that's good also, let those foreigners pay more hehehehe

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