Saturday, July 31, 2004

with the Chairman of the St. Luke's Emergency Department. i had a fruitful two days at the st. luke's hospital sponsored STAT-MED seminar, topics were everything related to emergency medicine. i think i even convinced myself i want to be a forensic doctor cum lawyer-geneticist hahahahaha! well... we'll see... most of the speakers kept me awake especially the ones on today, there were also workshops aside from the talks, and i think my most enlightening experience was being informed of the current status of emergency medicine and our capabilities to respond to emergencies especially mass trauma and maybe terrorist attacks here in the Philippines. you will be surprised that we have a lot of organizations that are active in planning, promoting, and implementing such disaster plans. i do hope we never come to a point we'd have to activate them, although that is an impossibility in our country... Posted by Hello

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the high priestess said...

hi papa! happy for you! :)